Organisational Structure

The language of our program is English, which is already established at FAU for various Master study programs that are integrated into IMPRS-PM. Our research school offers access to courses with a medical curriculum for students in natural sciences who work towards a Dr. rer. nat. doctoral degree. At the same time, we aim to provide biomedical students and researchers with insight into physics.

The IMPRS Physics and Medicine is led by two spokespersons, one from MPL and one from FAU. In collaboration with the coordinators, PI and student representatives, they form the steering committee that meets in regular intervals to guide the strategic development of the program, plan scientific events and oversee the teaching curriculum.

The selection committee is composed of the coordinator and six faculty members representing different key expertise with rotation principle every two years. The main goal of the selection committee is to identify the best candidates based on the submitted applications and to conduct interviews with those candidates. The selection committee also provides recommendations for the theoretical and practical training of the candidates based on their background.

The Program coordinators are responsible for the administrative affairs of the research school and primary contact persons for the IMPRS students and interested Master or doctoral candidates.

Student representatives are elected by the master, MD and doctoral candidates participating in the programme. They establish the link between the faculty and students and are in charge of the Buena-Salute Social Club.

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